Catch the Moon

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Yellow butterfly
You are not given a name
I will catch the moon

Copyright Francis 2022


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There is much talk of sea level right now,
and of levels of the sea; as a boy I would stand,
stare and dream on that far horizon
where all pondered distance was gone.

The boy’s right brain carried more wisdom
than the later indoctrinated left side ever could.
And what drove the world? How did eons
of tides turn hard rock to smooth sand?

For that boy’s curiosity ever remains;
half buried windows along old streets,
the monochrome pictures of grandeur, destroyed

and replaced by boxes of brick, or cold steel and glass.
Sea levels rise and fall, as is nature’s prerogative.
It is not in anyone’s remit to falsify, or destroy.

Copyright Francis 2021

*Earthweal Weekly Challenge

Morphing (for Earthweal)

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“The stars are closer than you think.”
The shaman left me with this admonition,
hobbling away with his stick of gnarled ash.
There was a look in his eye,
glint of a star — his soul,
still stalking this barren land.
As the day began to break,
blue shafts were piercing orange and red,
a warning; creation speaking
and thought becoming instant form;
a mounting cumulus cloud,
shape of a lion’s head.
“The world is mind,” he’d said,
“dreaming us into existence
and what we may be.”
The cloud soon morphed
to show a crescent Moon,
then Venus, morning and evening star,
companions for my journey home.

Copyright Francis 2021

***Earthweal Weekly Challenge

Cordes Lakes, Arizona, USA; February 7, 2011 — UFO Network (Reblog)

Name: Rebecca Date of Sighting: 2/7/11 midnite Location of Sighting: Between Cordes Junction and Cherry Rd heading north on I-17 Shape(s) of UFO(s): narrow Size(s) of UFO(s): 1 block long Color(s) of UFO(s): Blue Number of UFO(s): 1 Distance of UFO(s) in sky: not in the sky it was along the mountain Direction of Travel […]

Cordes Lakes, Arizona, USA; February 7, 2011 — UFO Network