Haiku: Stuff Grows

Stuff grows left aloneSoil and sunlight are givenBeauty we behold Copyright Francis 2022

Soil (A Poem)

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com He dug deep in the soil,the loam and silt of a fertile marsh;from a long line of broken-back men, inured to suffering and pain,consistent with their DNAfrom far distant crescents.The men who toiled and fed the idle, who gave their all to generations, many to rot in the quagmires … Continue reading Soil (A Poem)

Do We Ever Know Our Parents?

My father has been dead a long time now, but I've never stopped missing him. I was brought up in an agricultural community of intensive farming, but with just enough 'real nature' around us to appreciate the clean air (usually), the silence, the freedom. I virtually grew up on a bike and cars were relatively … Continue reading Do We Ever Know Our Parents?