Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens – and Birds!

I took this the other day.

Probably Spalding‘s ‘hidden’ gem, Ayscoughfee Hall Museum and Gardens is a medieval gem, well maintained, with a fascinating south Lincolnshire regional museum.

Formerly also a private junior school, now located elsewhere in the town under the same name, the gardens are noted for their topiary, the rather notable Edwin Lutyens world war 1 memorial and a very nice aviary with many interesting species finches and other birds. Lutyens was one of the most famous and capable British architects of the 2oth century.

Although the town has been deeply affected by the crises of this year, it is still well worth a visit if you live nearby or are on holiday in the area.

And by the way, the locals pronounce it ‘Asscoffee’!

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Photography: Spalding Town Centre, River Welland

River Welland, Spalding, in spring.

Photograph: Spalding Town Centre

The river Welland in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England

Photograph: Spalding Parish Church from Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens

Spalding Parish Church of Saints Mary and Nicolas, from Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens. Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Photograph: Spalding’s Ayscoughfee Hall & Gardens

A view from the Edwin Lutyens designed war memorial, through the gardens towards the church of Saints Mary and Nicolas, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku from a Photograph: ‘Ice House’

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Selves isolated
A weary world is on hold
Thoughts from a bunker

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Photograph: North Entrance of Spalding Parish Church, Lincolnshire, England

Saint Mary and Saint Nicolas, Spalding. Photo by Francis Barker 2020

Photograph: Framed by Yews

Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England.

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Photograph: Framed by Yew

Ayscoughfee Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England.

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Churches: Images of Spalding Parish Church, Lincolnshire. Part 1


Inside the church dedicated to Saints Mary and Nicolas in Spalding, Lincolnshire.


It has one of the most stunning interiors in the whole county.

IMG_1406 - Edited

And some beautifully made traditional banners.


copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019

Spalding’s Unique Ayscoughfee Hall


Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding Lincolnshire is simply an architectural gem.

However, I don’t believe it’s known for sure how it got its name (it’s pronounced ‘Ascoffey’ folks).

Nevertheless, recent archaeology has discovered much that was once hidden; stairs, passageways, tiles… all of which are included in the comprehensive museum illustrating the history, not only of Spalding, but of the whole South Holland region and its wonderful agricultural heritage.

Leofwine Tanner 2019