Cozy Autumn Kindle Reads, with Author Milly Reynolds

Look What Milly Picked Up…

Is second hand or charity bookshop trawling worth it?

Charity Book Shops… Worth Taking A Look?

*You will have to excuse the lighting in this video.

‘Left Luggage’ A New Ebook on Amazon

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Milly Reynolds’ September Reads

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Milly Reynolds’ New Ebook Due Out Shortly — ‘Left Luggage’

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September Kindle ebook Haul — by Milly Reynolds

*Some Milly Reynolds’ books.

‘The Warehouse’ by Rob Hart — Book Review by Milly Reynolds

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Book Review – The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner

*Milly’s not quite sure about this book, ‘The Mars Room’.

September Book Haul with Milly Reynolds

*Milly Reynolds waxes lyrical about her minimal September book haul.

‘The Unseen Sky’ by Milly Reynolds

When North Norfolk artist Eddie Fowler accepts an invitation from his business partner, Martin Hogg, to visit Venice, he finds that this beautiful, intimate city reawakens long-hidden memories.

He is reminded once again of Martin’s wife, Theresa, a fragile and intuitive artist, who mysteriously disappeared nearly twenty years before.

As he searches for answers to this mystery among the vast landscapes of the North Norfolk coasts and the narrow streets and canal-side cafes of Venice, Theresa’s daughter, Maria, asks him to help her with her own search to discover the secrets of her family’s history; a search that leads to discoveries neither of them expected.

A story about love and sacrifice, about secrets destined to remain hidden.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

*Venice is such a sublime city, wouldn’t it be nice to travel in style…?