Soul: The brightness must be lit up, the fire must be kindled. (Reblog)

Black Books Jung: What’s going on in this darkness? “Light must be created. You must create it out of raw matter that you’ve received. It must still …

Soul: The brightness must be lit up, the fire must be kindled.

Just Another Day

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Just another day,
the second hand’s heavy, relentless tick
tells me to raise a fizzy glass,
toast these new beginnings
I’ve been yearning for, forever.
So here’s to you, all of us,
crossing this threshold of hope,
to witness a new dawn
when the bearer pours out his spirit,
that free flow of wisdom
hidden from the ages.

Copyright Francis 2021

Poem: Host

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Outside I sensed you, 
just a little warmth in the wind, 
perhaps a whisper of something said 
in a distant age - your rage against time. 

You are all around us some say, 
looking for a host, a creed 
I won't subscribe to 
in my antediluvian mind

copyright Francis Barker 2020

Poem: Heavens of Illusion

mountains with crepuscular ray
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Though the heavens may fall
I am standing my ground
This world of the senses
makes no sense to me.
Who am I and where do I fit 
in this battle of the spirit?
I am alone
The world exists only with me
Beyond these senses
there is nothing else

copyright Francis Barker 2019