ILLUM, Copenhagen — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

ILLUM is a department store smack dab in the middle of Strøget, one of the longest pedestrianised shopping streets in Europe. I’ve been to a fair few fancy department stores (hello, South Korea) and ILLUM strikes a good balance – it’s not intimidatingly big (it’s almost cosy!) and there’s a decent selection of stuff to […]

ILLUM, Copenhagen — Life in Copenhagen

*We can begin to make plans for travel, things will return to true normal…

Stadens Museum for Kunst (SMK), Copenhagen — Life in Copenhagen

If walking around for a good few hours admiring European art sounds like your idea of a good time, SMK may just be the place for you. It’s not necessarily my favourite museum, or the most impressive collection I’ve seen – but the way this place was designed to be experienced has something of a […]

Stadens Museum for Kunst (SMK), Copenhagen — Life in Copenhagen

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The Sun Sets in the Promised Land — The Pine-Scented Chronicles (reblog)

The Promised Land Mindanao is the Philippines’ third major island group; the other two are Luzon and Visayas. With its vast potential, Mindanao is often referred to as the Philippine’s promised land. However, this promise has been stymied by armed conflicts that permeated all throughout the island. Through the lenses of the media, it is […]

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*** Wonderful travel post. This part of the world looks terrific – one day I may go.

Passing through Tower Bridge — Passport Overused (Reblog)

It was a dark and gloomy day. A normal occurrence in this part of the world. However, it was a lot more cloudy than usual. To my surprise and ignorance, it started to rain hard. Like being hit with a garden hose, I was soaked. I had to find a store that sold ponchos and…

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***London may be relatively empty right now due to the coronavirus restrictions, but that leaves more room to see the sights for the intrepid. Great post.

My last meal in Olso — Passport Overused (Reblog)

My time in Norway was ending. This beautiful country will leave a mark in my heart. Its sophisticated charm is what lead me to wish this was my home. However, that cold made me reconsider. Had a few more hours here, I needed to make the best of the little time left. A view of…

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*** Great post from a great site. Scandinavia should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially Norway.

Above the Arctic circle in Tromso, Norway — Passport Overused (Reblog)

So, I decided to push the envelope even more. Flew to Tromso from Oslo. It was about a two-hour flight. It costs about 90 dollars round trip at the time. Might be more expensive in the coming years. Luckily, there wasn’t any major snowstorm that day. Luck was on my side to visit this part…

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Places We Go

I was taught this a very long time ago and it was reinforced by a beautiful friend who once told me that whatever/wherever/whomever I write about has…

Places We Go

Impressions of Belfast, Northern Ireland

IMG_1437 - Edited

We recently spent three nights in Belfast and we enjoyed it very much.

However, one more night would have been advantageous. Our flight from England was delayed thanks to President Trump’s arrival and all the extra security that entailed.

So by the time we got to our hotel it was about time for our evening meal – we didn’t have that much time to explore the city.

IMG_1451 - Edited

The second day was taken up with what turned out to be a fantastic trip around the County Antrim coast, which lasted most of the day.

IMG_1452 - Edited

The third day we had already pre-booked a visit to the Titanic Experience and the Game of Thrones exhibition, both in the same general area on the city’s outskirts. This took up most of the day too. We did do a little exploration that late afternoon.


And then our return flight back home was at 8:20 the following morning, so we were up with the lark to catch that.


So, despite a very full two and a bit days, we didn’t get to see as much of the city as we would have liked.


What we did glean, however, is that Belfast is lovely and the people are lovelier. We will return.


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