Haiku: Only One

Photo by Dick Hoskins on Pexels.com

Only one can stand
on a mountain top; the truth
is not relative

Copyright Francis 2022

World Tarot – Is it Going to be a Mad March?

Card deck used: Golden Tarot by Lo Scarabeo.

Tarot spread used: Days of the Week or Luminary spread. Centre card = the Sun; top left = Moon; top right = Mars; top = Mercury; bottom = Jupiter; bottom left = Venus; bottom right = Saturn.

I asked about the world in March. I got 4 Major Arcana, and 3 court cards. This will be a key and important 31 days.

The World was drawn as the centre card! An important month of change and renewal, endings and beginnings and, most importantly, new hope for all in this realm.

Queen of Swords in Moon position. I think we can expect some better news, bringing some clarity and justice to the situation (health too?) to ameliorate our feelings, especially in regard to our families and nations.

Knight of Swords in Mars position. Swift action and counter action likely on the military front and more clarity in the ‘fog of war’.

The Empress in the Mercury position. I think the news is going to make the news! Expect a more balanced, diverse output from various media sources.

The Hermit in Jupiter position. At times, being in the know can be a lonely place, but the truth is paramount however unpalatable it may seem at first. Others will follow.

The Star in the Venus position. However ‘bad’ things may seem to be, there is a force for good out there – looking out for us. Praise yourself, look after those around you.

King of Coins in Saturn position. Ultimately, the major outcome of this month will be practical. Money, currency, banking, investment, commodities, metals and securities, all will be highlighted and be the underlying reason for all the action – in the pursuit of establishing ethical and humanitarian ways of running our lives on a practical, sustainable footing.

Copyright Francis 2022

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