February 2022: World Tarot Reading

King of Wands in the Mars position shows that this will be a decisive and engaging month. We are going to see executive action from governments and agencies but also, perhaps more especially, from other organisations and individuals with much authority to act.

Is The Pandemic Narrative Over? Tarot Reading

That said, there is a sense of taking the initiative and accepting freedom. Most especially, people's minds in general are about to likely flip, their attitudes changing fundamentally, once they realise the situation and start to tell everyone else and open up.

A New Beginning? Aquarius New Moon, February 11 2021 — Astrology Musings

Jupiter, the greater benefic, and Venus, the lesser benefic, enhance one another, creating a beautiful idealistic, platonic vibration, strongly tinged as it is with the Aquarian energy, forecasting peace, justice and freedom for humanity as whole. But we must be patient. This is only a step.

Your Weekend (And Then Some) 21-24 November 2020 ‘It’s All Venus’ — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — Blue Dragon Journal (Reblog)

Venus may encourage (or maybe force) us to look at ourselves, as much as she may comment on relationships or finances, during this period. ‚Rokeby Venus‘ 1644 ByDiego Velázquez {{PD}} Why oh why does everything feel as if it has a hidden side, or contains a trap, or involves something we aren’t informed on? Blame […] […]Your … Continue reading Your Weekend (And Then Some) 21-24 November 2020 ‘It’s All Venus’ — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY — Blue Dragon Journal (Reblog)

‘Libra’ Astrology Digital Download on Etsy

Downloadable in two formats, pdf (primary) and jpg. Makes ideal wall art. Libra is ruled by Venus, and is described as the Cardinal, or dominant, air sign. Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Astrology & Health: Taurus – Astrology Musings

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It is of course far too simplistic to assert that we are all typical of our sun signs. Logic implies that we are all rather complex, with our own particular strengths and weaknesses. However, an individual birth chart analysis, where many other factors as assessed, can help to give a … Continue reading Astrology & Health: Taurus – Astrology Musings

The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London – Astrology Musings

One of the most well known examples is John Dee's choice of day for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I of England on January 15 1559. We can speculate as to the wisdom of his choice, although historians have certainly been highly favourable when writing about the 'Virgin Queen'.

Astrology Today: Inner enjoyment

The Moon in Aries, still encouraging posivity (tempered with patience), trines retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius around noon. This brings an overall more optimistic sense, though with an emphasis on inner exploration of, say, philosophical ideas, or practising yoga, for instance, rather than sheer outward expression. Later the Moon makes a lovely sextile aspect with Venus … Continue reading Astrology Today: Inner enjoyment