‘Daisy Darker’ Book Review


The Walk (for Earthweal challenge)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com I must have strolled this ancient shore, leaving no footprints in the sand,seen the infant sun spill his light over jagged horizons,the glowing Moon ascend into sparse sky to ride the assembly of stars,a firmament at once remote and intimate.If you talk in eons -- I see in seconds;new life's … Continue reading The Walk (for Earthweal challenge)

A peaceful walk in Odense — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

As December is fast approaching, I just thought I would share these autumn themed pictures with you from a weekend trip to Odense. I didn’t take very many photos because the weather/lighting wasn’t too great, but I think it captures the Danish countryside vibe (mind you…Odense is still a city) – tranquil canals, forest walks, […]A … Continue reading A peaceful walk in Odense — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)