The Uncertainty Principle — Mapping uncertainty (Reblog)

Such a strange December here on the southern coast. Days as grey as winter with a wind that bites like ice. Get over the mountains and it’s the blazing Aussie summer sun and bushfires burning out of control. Here, though, La Nina rules the weather. Cronus however, seems to be sleeping on the job. Time […]

The Uncertainty Principle — Mapping uncertainty

‘Rain’ a Poem

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Contemplate the rain, this fleeting season,
changes I can do nothing about.
Sitting, watching, listening; the hanging drops
on vacant washing lines and leaves,
all testimony to nature,
that the laws of men may come and go,
yet eternal truths stand starkly before us:
Our choice to ignore.
The harder I try the less I get in return.
But the gentle rush of rain brings it back,
the raucous calls of crows
sitting in out in shedding trees;
the clutter of my mind
stands between what is me
and my self.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘The Silence’ — a poem

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The gentle rush of rain
breaks the silence,
soon joined by the cat lapping —
Then both are gone;
I watch the miles thick cloud
parading overhead,
dark autumn leviathans
shunting in from the west. Yes,
sometimes the silence gets to me,
it isn’t what I crave.
A silent mind is creative, some say,
then how is darkness a friend?

Copyright Francis Barker 2020a creator fond of poetry