New Moon February 1 2022 – Fireworks?(Chinese New Year of the Tiger)

unexpected, especially with disruptive Uranus exactly conjunct the IC or nadir of the chart. Also expect the public to be expressive and vent their feelings. This could also be in reaction to unexpected and even shocking developments.

Full Moon January 17 2022 – Uh Oh

Will the Prime Minister and the government survive? I don't know, but this juncture looks particularly rocky and the road ahead uncertain. The British people, represented by a dignified and culminating Moon, and also the 4th house, look as though they've had quite enough to say the least of the whole situation.

Brexit Countdown – An Astrological Perspective Part 1

So finally it appears to be happening, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is due to formally leave the EU at 11pm GMT on Friday January 31 2020. Of course, there will be an ongoing debate during 2020 as to the nature of the final 'deal' between the two powers, whether it … Continue reading Brexit Countdown – An Astrological Perspective Part 1

Milly Reynolds’ new ebook: ‘Manifesto’

See Milly Reynolds' work here: available at and 'Manifesto' is due out on amazon and kindle imminently! Synopsis Taking a break from crime fiction, Milly Reynolds' new ebook is an imaginative and quirky take on the state of current affairs as well as the meandering course of history. Eleanor Cross, a disaffected … Continue reading Milly Reynolds’ new ebook: ‘Manifesto’