#saturnalia_the_video — ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM (Reblog)

A winter festivity in ancient Rome, Saturnalia combined fun, partying, gift sharing and love. ZLR Betriebsimperium gives its own interpretation of the feast to honor god Saturn. Enjoy!

#saturnalia_the_video — ZLR_BETRIEBSIMPERIUM

The History of Yule — (Reblog)

In this post you will learn more about the history of Yule and how it is celebrated around the world today. Yule takes place on the day of the Winter Solstice (around December 21 in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemispere the winter solstice falls around June 21). Origins of Yule in Europe In the […]

The History of Yule —

Yuletide 2020 — The Classical Astrologer (Reblog)

Image courtesy of Vancouver’s Winter Solstice Lantern Festival 2020 Marsilio Ficino wrote in a letter to Rinaldo Orsini: “… I recalled what the ancient sages say, not without very good reason, in their fables about Saturn and Jupiter, Mars and Venus; they say that Mars is bound by Venus, and Saturn by Jupiter. Thus simply […]

Yuletide 2020 — The Classical Astrologer

Astrology Of December 2020 – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius — (Reblog)

December is THE month when we have the much-awaited Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Years and even centuries from now, people will refer to 2020 as “the year of the big shift”. 1,632 more words

Astrology Of December 2020 – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius —

The Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020 — The Stars Within Their Courses (Reblog)

At the December solstice of this year, there will be a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This is known as a Great Conjunction. Great Conjunctions happen every 20 years or so and always mark great changes. This one marks an even bigger change, beginning a new 200 year era. The events of 2020 have been […]

The Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020 — The Stars Within Their Courses



I stood alone
with you,
like it was the end of our world, an
eerie glowing sky reflecting my heart, with
the solstice on its way. You
turned to look at me, that smile
I knew so well, your gracious nod
I’d never seen in real life. My hand
went through you – you were not
there anymore, just an echo like the
sonorous bells over pantiles, made
uniform by the morning rime. You said
I looked ‘frit!’ in the dialect
brought across to your city,
the voice of your
distinction. ‘Your life is not
your own,’ you said, ‘even the sun
never stands still, only seems to.’
So you told me not to worry, not
even care, to let it all go
now, that it’s better to die trying
than do nothing,
a short life
with meaning and all its
tortuous crosses borne, can become
a pilot light of inspiration. You
walked towards the sea, smiling
once more and unafraid, before vanishing
out of time into the
low glinting sun, a promise
of far off warmth
and the revelation to come

image and poem © copyright Dave Barker 2012