Milly’s Website Ready!

Milly Reynolds’ website is ready.
Take a look here if you wish:



  1. journeyintopoetry · October 26, 2012

    I am now the proud owner of The Unseen Sky and The Woolly Murders!

    I will report back! 🙂



  2. Three Well Beings · October 26, 2012

    It’s really nice! Well done!


  3. J Matthew Waters · October 26, 2012

    very impressive, very nice


  4. jane tims · October 30, 2012

    Hi. I love the look of the site. I think there is a mystery to solve in those items. Jane


  5. Ina · October 30, 2012

    Hi David, I am not sure I understand that website, can one click somewhere to read more? ( it does look nice though 🙂 )


  6. Ina · November 27, 2012

    It really looks great, amazing site!


  7. dfb · November 28, 2012

    Thanks Ina! I’m finally back online in a good way, it’s taken weeks. I’ll never catch up. Hope you’re ok.


  8. dfb · November 28, 2012

    Apologies and sorry for the delay – have had serious internet problems but they seem to be sorted out now. Thank you so much for buying the books, I am very grateful to you! Hope you enjoy them. They are, in effect, a collaboration between myself and the ‘Mrs’, as we say in deepest Lincolnshire. I shall never catch up with the back log but… Thanks very much!!!


  9. bardessdmdenton · December 12, 2012

    Well done – I love the creativity as well as content of the site!


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