Lex Barker born 100 Years Ago Today

Tarzan All Story

In astrological terms the birth chart speaks for itself.

Leo rising with Neptune right on the ascendant. There are several movie stars with prominent Neptunes such as this, the ‘outer planet’ probably adding a certain mystical glamour to the individual’s prominent appearance. Leo loves the limelight and Neptune will attract through the power of film, a very ‘Neptunian’ medium. For some reason, certain faces look good on celluloid and this was no exception.

Added to this we have a fairly tight Sun Mars conjunction in Taurus in the 10th house of career. Here we see the imposing, handsome 6ft 4in physical presence too, strength, bravery, determination. Taurus is solid, stubborn, yet sensuously attractive with Mars so close to the Sun. He rose to the level of Major in WW11 and was injured in Sicily.

This same determination drove him in his movie career, where allied with Mercury in Aries conjunct the Midheaven trine Saturn in Leo, he enjoyed a very varied, yet sustained career, playing most famously in Tarzan of the Apes, movies of Karl May’s novels, Westerns and numerous European films later in his career.

His linguistic abilities (he could speak Italian, Spanish, French and German) are also indicated by Mercury’s prominent conditioning; he was able to utilise this ability in his career.

source: http://www.astro.com

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