Paul Gauguin – Astrology Musings

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Gauguin was another art genius who was undervalued during his own lifetime.

Yet he was a major influence on Picasso and Matisse, with his experimental use of colour, his varying styles of synthesis, symbolism, and primitivism.

He also experimented with different media, like sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, woodcuts and wood engravings, as well as being a writer.

He travelled widely too and went to live in French Polynesia, which became a major inspiration.

Neptune inspires

Astrologically, he is another artist with an influential Neptune, this time in inspirational Pisces very close the DC or descendant, where it opposes his rising Moon in Cancer.

This would make him rather impressionable in his dealings with the world and people, but also open to be inspired by it.

He seemed to like to get to the essence of things and maybe this is symbolised by Neptune in his chart. Some of his paintings resort to sheer blocks of colour, for example, like his cloisonnist period.


This opposition is part of a T-square involving Venus in Gemini at the apex in house 11. Perhaps we could interpret this as Venus using the tension from the opposition dexterously through Gemini.

Venus is also the ruler of house 10 and the Midheaven in Taurus, which loves solidity as well as beauty, a nice indicator of his involvement during his career in many physical aspects of art, like ceramics and wood working.

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