Surreal – Salvador Dali: Astrology Musings

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Salvador Dali, as we all know, was completely original; a surrealist extraordinaire, eccentric, highly imaginative and also a writer.

So let’s take a look at his birth chart. Cancer rising with Neptune in the house 1 in the whole signs housing system. His ruler, the Moon, is conjunct the midheaven in Aries, square to his house 1 Neptune and also loosely square Uranus on the house 6/7 cusp.


Here is the high impressionability and sensitivity brought by another prominent Neptune, so often the case in charts of artists of all kinds.

This time Neptune is in challenging aspect, causing such creative tension which can be used outwardly in his career.


Uranus involved also, will add the original, eccentric, even difficult streak for which he is famous. And the Moon’s close conjunction with the MC is an indication that much of his career was led publicly too.

Like other prominent artists, such as Picasso, there is a strong showing of Taurus, which should be no surprise. Here we have the Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunct in house 11, along with Venus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and is earthy, sensual, practical, very appreciative of beauty and form.

Sensual mentality

His Mercury conjunct Mars in Taurus sharpens and sensualises the mind, and with Mercury also retrograde, this will add a touch of the off beat to his mentality. And it is interesting to note that he was a creative writer too.

Also very important to creatives is the fifth house, which is also ruled by Mars here, bringing all that earthy, sensual energy to bear in this area of his life.

His Sun tightly square Saturn from house 8 (house of death traditionally), may symbolise the difficult circumstances of his early life. He was named after a younger sibling who died aged one. Dali was even given his deceased brother clothes to wear, which may have led later to him believing that he was his sibling’s reincarnation.

And equally interesting in this regard, is his Saturn in house 8 is trine Pluto in house 12, which may be descriptive of a karmic link.

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