My Top 5 British Rock Front Men/Lead Singers

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These are my own considered three qualifications/prerequisites for this position, in British rock‘s top 5 front men:

  1. Stage presence, charisma, probably the key factor – is his character larger than life?
  2. Looks – the ability to turn all the heads in whatever way.
  3. Musical talent – can he contribute by playing an instrument as well sing?

These are my rules, so the guy has to be in a band, not a solo artist only. I shall state these in reverse, though ask me on any other day and I might have a different order.

5. Dave Coverdale lead singer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake. An archetypal front man with a great soulful voice, plus a great rapport with his audience.

4. Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who. Fantastic stage presence and looks with a powerful voice.

3. Robert Plant lead singer and a songwriter of Led Zeppelin. Powerful bluesy voice and front man with iconic looks.

2. Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones. Perhaps the original front man of British rock, commanding the stage with his unique antics. If longevity was the only proviso he’d be No. 1.

  1. Freddy Mercury, lead singer, keyboard player and a songwriter with Queen. Maybe not have been as classically good looking as the rest, but was simply peerless with his imperious stage presence, powerful and distinctive voice, sheer musical ability, as well as contributing on keyboards on stage – whilst retaining that great rapport with the fans.

Once again, these are only my opinions. There great names I have left out.

*Music has always been very important to our culture, so we must encourage new talent.

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