Was Shakespeare Bisexual? — Ripe Good Scholar (Reblog)

The other day I stumbled across an article with the headline “William Shakespeare was undeniably bisexual, researchers claim.” I immediately rolled my eyes at the word “undeniably.” Shakespeare was not undeniably anything. Due to limited records (which is perfectly normal for the period), doubt can be cast on almost every aspect of his existence. Basic […]

Was Shakespeare Bisexual? — Ripe Good Scholar

We may never know the full truth about Shakespeare but the works written under his name are some of the best in the English language.

One thought on “Was Shakespeare Bisexual? — Ripe Good Scholar (Reblog)

  1. Undeniably, Shakespeare was very fond of sarcasm and satire. I’m sure he would be laughing right now at this:

    “Using an unknown methodology, they concluded that Shakespeare was bisexual because the sonnets are addressed to both males and females.”

    Or maybe he’s weeping in the grave.

    But, yeah, this doesn’t make sense. It’s a very poor foundation that they built with a conclusion that’s just crumbling from the “evidence” they consolidated.

    Like you said, if you’re looking for something specific, you’re going to find it regardless if that was the true intent behind the text.

    Shakespeare can be whatever he wants. Straight, gay, bi. But, it’s so strange how they’re using his sonnets written from a character POV to try and prove his sexuality. That’s very flawed in itself and just like with any science, well, I’d say, “Authors, your bias is showing.”

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