Such beautiful words

Little Things

stop listening to a sad melody.
quit wandering in deep melancholy.
when almost everything is said and done,
try to move forward because you can.

at times, every sorrow tends to pile up
heartbreaks, heartaches, like boulders they drop
these are all hardships to be human
please cry it out because you can

stop living in a world of regrets.
face the fears and painful secrets.
hurt yourself with truth, don’t run.
embrace your flaws because you can.

the world is radiant, merry, and sunny.
just change your mindset, and you will see.
when you are left with none and no one,
try to be sanguine because you can.

hindrances are always present.
a quest for greatness is not always pleasant.
giving up is never part of the plan.
flash a smile because you can.

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