world’s most expensive cities to live in right now — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

Similar to the 2008 global economic crisis, the world’s economy has been thru a shock again in 2020 which would make it more difficult to make money in the following year and everyone should definitely be careful where and what to spend their hard-earned money on. In this post, we listed the world’s most expensive […]world’s … Continue reading world’s most expensive cities to live in right now — Delusional Bubble (Reblog)

Moon, Astrology And The Politics Of Capricorn

Photo by luizclas on Over the course of the next day the Moon in Virgo will trine -- that's a 120 degree aspect considered positive in astrology -- three planets moving retrograde in Capricorn: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. In astrology Capricorn is perhaps the political sign par excellence. The fact that three heavyweights are … Continue reading Moon, Astrology And The Politics Of Capricorn

The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London – Astrology Musings

One of the most well known examples is John Dee's choice of day for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I of England on January 15 1559. We can speculate as to the wisdom of his choice, although historians have certainly been highly favourable when writing about the 'Virgin Queen'.

This May Not Be The Aquarian Age, but…

In reality, no one knows when this Aquarian Age will begin. Maybe it already has. The dates suggested have ranged from late medieval times to anywhere as far ahead as 2300 AD. Not so precise, is it?

2020 Vision: A Landmark Year? Astrology Musings

Saturn and Capricorn stand for the existing political structures. Pluto, by its very nature, is said to be transformative, at best a difficult though necessary cleansing, at worst a drastic enforcer of change which threatens to bring down, or rip up virtually everything - root and branch.

Intriguingly, this conjunction falls close to the Moon's south node, which has strong karmic associations. What might this mean?