Why the English Eastern Coast?

You may well ask – why the fascination with England’s eastern coast?

The south coast may be more affluent, at times very picturesque and very dramatic in places. The south west, Cornwall and Devon, are wonderfully atmospheric. Great Britain as a whole is blessed with a huge variety of coasts.

Of course, the reason I favour the east coast, and in particular the stretch from Lincolnshire down to Suffolk, is that it is local! It may all be relatively low-lying but there is a huge variety of seascapes, from the bleak beauty of North Norfolk, surely one of the best coasts in the world, to the archetypal English coastal town of Southwold.

Who would want to paint anything else?

Francis Barker 2020


Thank Heaven for my Palette

It is a grey day indeed. Firstly, the weather, in England at least – nuff said!

Then there’s the ‘British’ Chancellor Osborne (is it Ozzy?) asking for our preferred method of execution. Funny, but I thought we elected him to do the dirty work? Anyhow, if it carries on like this, there soon won’t be the need of elections, just continual referendums, say one every few weeks in regard to important issues.

Think of the money we’d save. No MPs, no government departments… but I’m dreaming now. Thank God for oil paint and my multi-colour palette. At least there’s some colour there.

Bempton Cliffs

Just back from 2 days in Yorkshire and one whole day at Bempton Cliffs in the most wonderful weather. And what a place! Never seen so many birds; gannets, kittiwakes, guillemots, razorbills and of course, puffins. Took over a hundred pics so I’m hoping to produce some original art of the views as well. Stunning.