Haiku #14

Photo by Kirill Palii on Pexels.com

Winds batter the shore;
gulls, ever my companions.
Sand between my toes

Copyright Francis 2021


Dead of Winter — The Cheesesellers Wife (Reblog)

I have two poems (Lilbourne and Summer Queen) in this great Anthology from Milk and Cake Press. It examines the dark, the supernatural, and the uncanny of a long, cold winter. As we move from the depths of winter toward spring, and from pandemic isolation to a more normal life, these poems may be the […]

Dead of Winter — The Cheesesellers Wife

Books I NEED in February! — CJR The Brit (Reblog)

Yes, need. Not want, need! I tried a 3 book limit last year and I failed every single month so this year I’ve decided to scrap that, run free and buy, buy, buy 😂😂 The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna Even though I have the Fairyloot paperback of this, I need it in hardcover too! […]

Books I NEED in February! — CJR The Brit