Poem: Asteroid (August is a Funny Month)

scenic view of forest during night time
Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

August is a funny month
They peddle the story again and again
An asteroid the same size
as the one that supposedly
did for the dinosaurs
is hurtling inexorably our way

August is a funny month
with a supposed lack of news
but they will have to do better
than fear-porn their way
to selling silly stories
that fewer take on board

August is a funny month
when some stories vanish
dropped like hot potatoes
while others appear out of nowhere
to scare and confuse – but
some are on to the ruse

copyright Francis Barker 2019

Poem ‘Chicxulub’


I may never get to the Yucatan
to touch the KT boundary at its thickest

that iridium layer exposed
like a line of fat in the tastiest bacon

yet this was where the asteroid slammed,
when the dinosaurs were fried

atomised or blasted by the wind;
when Cretaceous gave way to Tertiary

and little shrews crawled out
into a scene like a nuclear winter.

Chicxulub— how the strange name grates
like the sound of the still ringing earth.

Merely saying it, I get a sense of deja vu,
like a sudden blinding flash

where I glimpse the endless burials
high on the mountain of Kailash

screened on some future sky

image and poem © copyright dfbarker 2012
painting clearly not of Chicxulub but of a scene much nearer to home, namely Hunstanton, where there is at least visible strata in the cliffs.