Black-and-White Birds — tanja britton (Reblog)

The combination of the colors black and white is considered elegant and classy, not only with regard to fashion, but also when it comes to feather arrangements, as many posts by fellow bird-loving bloggers attest. When I assembled my avian portraits a few months back, my only intention was to share a selection of Colorado’s […]Black-and-White … Continue reading Black-and-White Birds — tanja britton (Reblog)

To Have And Have Not (1944) — Ticket 2 Ride (Reblog)

One of Humphrey Bogart’s most famous films, and the one where he flirts with Lauren Bacall whenever they are on screen. This has always been Casablanca Lite, in my book. Both films have heavy atmosphere, quirky characters, a piano-playing pal, Nazis, a world-weary American who doesn’t want to dirty his hands with current politics. To […]To … Continue reading To Have And Have Not (1944) — Ticket 2 Ride (Reblog)

Photography: Brass Telecaster Saddles

There is something comforting about the style of the 1950s. I also love Americana, especially in black and white photography. Take these brass saddles on a Fender Telecaster guitar, one of the earliest and most iconic models of all time. These saddles have a character and quality uniquely their own, still as gorgeous and functional … Continue reading Photography: Brass Telecaster Saddles