Haiku #27

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com Nests are being built,sparrows dive into hedges;the cat is outside Copyright Francis 2021

The Beast

Photo by Dennis Perreault on Pexels.com I conspire with the beast.Two or three times a dayI must feed my best friend,this cuddly saturnine felinesuch processed packets of slaughter,which I dispense withoutthought into his bowl.He is the innocent;it is I who flagrantlyintervenes in nature, my acquiescence muffling screams -- and my conscience.And what am Ibut a … Continue reading The Beast

Poem ‘Flux’

The window is ajar, just enough to let in some air, to tantalise the cat hooked by night's soft invitation. Something outside is burning, hangs in the yielding light, though I've never seen those crimson clouds phase to dusky pink and then to grey. It's a flux which eludes me every time. Magic, you might … Continue reading Poem ‘Flux’