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An interview done ‘across the pond’ from a while ago.

‘Underworld’ Career? Astrology Musings

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I have heard it said, and have had much experience of it, that astrological birth charts speak for themselves. What does this mean?

Well, for example, I chart I did recently for ‘Lenny’ who was born with Pluto exactly on his Scorpio midheaven, a part of the chart which is traditionally associated with career direction. I am treating this particular position pretty much in isolation in this instance.

The deep trawl of Pluto/Hades

So symbolically we have Pluto with all his associations of the underworld (masks), drastic change, transformation, if you will, tenured in the sign which some say he rules, Scorpio, a sign associated (along with the eighth house) with sex, death, regeneration, deeply intense things.

Of course Pluto is in each sign for many years but when he touches a sensitive angle or makes an aspect to another planet, then these forces will be felt much more keenly and personally.

An accidental career?

Taking ‘Lenny’ here as an example, he spoke to me of his growing love of investigation, how he had, quite ‘by accident’, gradually moved into a career involving crime investigation at a deep, more serious level. He hadn’t even suspected, until recent years, that he would find it so interesting.

The fact that transiting Pluto was hovering about another important angle, was clearly quite significant too, perhaps acting like a ‘slow’ trigger.

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Lead Stolen From Beautiful English Church Roof (see link at bottom)


I had to share this story, a sad testament of our times, see link below.

We only visited this lovely church two weeks ago for the annual flower festival. There was a beautiful floral tribute to the Beatles, based on their ‘Abbey Road’ album (see above).

Sad to think that despite local people taking so much time and care to look after these wondrous buildings, that something like this can happen overnight. And it’s by no means an isolated case.