One May Smile


The shark’s reputation precedes him,
demonized in the minds of millions,
movie-goers jumping,
or hiding behind
their darkened seats.
Predators must hunt,
unsmiling and relentless,
the prey must die
so they can live;
for nature’s complexity
is for us to understand — not judge.
A greater power than Man
put this realm together.
And as a poet once said:
‘…one may smile, and smile,
and be a villain–‘
So step back,
you silver-tongued fiends,
those who think
they know better;
Your power is temporal,
so brief,
whilst the shark’s honest instinct
is ageless, only taking its due.

*Quotation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5, line 108.

Copyright Francis 2020

Earthweal Weekly Challenge: Shark Poetry


4 thoughts on “One May Smile

  1. Yes, predators must hunt. In the wilder word, this is the way of things. I do have trouble with the way mankind, the greatest predator, treats our fellow creatures. So nice to see you at earthweal. I am so glad you added your voice to the conversation.

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  2. That’s the difference, isn’t it? The sharks only take what they need, whereas we take and take and don’t give nearly enough back. I fear this will be our downfall.

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  3. The smile on the shark in the image you chose is priceless, Francis. Before, I would have looked away, but now I see a certain charm… You’re right about ‘movie-goers jumping’ – I did when I saw ‘Jaws’ for the first time, I even grabbed the hand of a stranger in the next seat! But you are so right about predators and their need to hunt, and that ‘nature’s complexity is for us to understand — not judge’. The final lines really pack a punch.

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