‘One Pig More’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery, by Milly Reynolds

This is the 18th ebook in the Mike Malone Murder Mystery Series.

DI Mike Malone and his trusted partner DS Alan Shepherd are faced with a tricky problem.

They are used to crimes which involve the theft of belongings, of animals so what do they do when the local farmers suddenly find that they are the victims of giving?

As they also have a local drugs operation to keep under surveillance and a friend to help, life is very busy – and interesting.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘Run To Me’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery, by Milly Reynolds

This is number 17 in the Mike Malone Murder Mystery Series.

DI Mike Malone is given a puzzle to solve by a friend, find his sister.

However, before he can even begin to delve into this mystery the case he has always feared arrives in his little market town – a missing child.

Join DI Malone as, together with his faithful DS Alan Shepherd, they look for the child and stumble across another serious crime on the way.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘Killed With A Kiss’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery, by Milly Reynolds

Detective Inspector Mike Malone faces an intriguing case when the body of an unidentified man is discovered with a lipstick ‘kiss’ on his cheek.

Was it placed there before he was killed? Did the person who kissed him, actually kill him? Was it left on his cheek as a tender farewell, or had the killer left Mike a calling card?

As Mike starts his investigation, aided by his faithful partner, Detective Sergeant, Alan Shepherd, he finds that murder doesn’t always visit total strangers, sometimes it visits friends.

Join Mike and his cast of friendly townsfolk in the latest Mike Malone Mystery.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘Beauty Sleep’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery, by Milly Reynolds

In this, the fifteenth installment of the Mike Malone murder mystery series, Mike has two problems to solve.

He still needs to identify the Blob that keeps appearing on the riverbank in the midnight hours.

But a more serious concern is the disappearances of sixth-formers form the local Academy. Is there a serial killer at large?

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘Plotting The Play’ Mike Malone Murder Mystery

When the safe of a TV personality is stolen in a bizarre burglary, Detective Inspector Mike Malone and his Detective Sergeant, Alan Shepherd, find that maybe, this time, they need a little extra help.

Enter Dog Dollond, a retired colleague of Mike’s from his days in London. As usual, solving the crime is never straightforward, especially as there seems to be a link to a gruesome murder in a nearby town.

When a murder occurs on Mike’s watch, he discovers a surprising thread running through all the crimes. But does it get him any closer to solving the puzzle?

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘A Cake To Die For’ – Mike Malone Murder Mystery

In this latest mystery, Mike has to find out why, for some ladies, baking a nice cake can be the quickest way to a sticky end.

The summer should be a time when Detective Inspector Mike Malone can sit in the sunshine with his extended family, watching the gentle game of cricket while enjoying the occasional slice of cake.

However, when a young wife ends up dead, it appears that the cakes on offer at the cricket match do more than add a few extra pounds.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Mike Malone Murder Mystery Series – ‘Strawberries and Sheep’

This is the ninth in the Mike Malone mystery series of affordable ebooks, where quirky plots and humour go hand in hand.

With DI Mike Malone’s wedding only two weeks away, the last thing he needs are a series of unexplained murders.

However, when two women also disappear, then Mike finds that not only is his wedding at risk, but his own happiness.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘Death For Art’s Sake’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery by Milly Reynolds

With his forthcoming wedding just around the corner, DI Mike Malone is hoping that his little town stays crime-free.

Unfortunately his peace and quiet is shattered when the hideously mutilated body of a young girl is found. With no evidence to help him, Mike Malone and his faithful Detective Sergeant, Alan Shepherd, are stumbling in the dark.

Then, more bodies are found. Will Mike Malone find the culprits before his wedding day?

This is the eighth mystery in the easy to read Mike Malone series.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

The Woolly Murders – Local Crime Fiction


Want an easy, affordable read this summer? This is Milly Reynolds’ first crime fiction ebook of the Mike Malone series, The Woolly Murders, originally published in 2011.

Detective Inspector Mike Malone thought that his transfer to the countryside would give him the opportunity to take things easy.

Murder has never been so… local

However, when a well-loved local philanthropist is found strangled, he realises that maybe country-life is not so quiet after all. As he wades through wool and blood to find the mastermind behind this dreadful act, two of his friends suddenly disappear.

This is the first of a series of tongue-in-cheek crime mysteries featuring DI Mike Malone.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘And Then She Was Bad’ Milly Reynolds’ new ebook – out shortly!


Milly’s new ebook, ‘And Then She Was Bad’, will be out on kindle very shortly. I think it’s her best, with all the usual quirkiness, with the added spice of a bit of strange love and passion! This time the intrepid Detective Inspector Mike Malone is up against one of his most spiteful targets and crosses swords again with an old enemy…

image and words © copyright Dave Barker and Milly Reynolds 2012