‘Death For Art’s Sake’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery by Milly Reynolds

With his forthcoming wedding just around the corner, DI Mike Malone is hoping that his little town stays crime-free.

Unfortunately his peace and quiet is shattered when the hideously mutilated body of a young girl is found. With no evidence to help him, Mike Malone and his faithful Detective Sergeant, Alan Shepherd, are stumbling in the dark.

Then, more bodies are found. Will Mike Malone find the culprits before his wedding day?

This is the eighth mystery in the easy to read Mike Malone series.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

The Woolly Murders – Local Crime Fiction


Want an easy, affordable read this summer? This is Milly Reynolds’ first crime fiction ebook of the Mike Malone series, The Woolly Murders, originally published in 2011.

Detective Inspector Mike Malone thought that his transfer to the countryside would give him the opportunity to take things easy.

Murder has never been so… local

However, when a well-loved local philanthropist is found strangled, he realises that maybe country-life is not so quiet after all. As he wades through wool and blood to find the mastermind behind this dreadful act, two of his friends suddenly disappear.

This is the first of a series of tongue-in-cheek crime mysteries featuring DI Mike Malone.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

‘And Then She Was Bad’ Milly Reynolds’ new ebook – out shortly!


Milly’s new ebook, ‘And Then She Was Bad’, will be out on kindle very shortly. I think it’s her best, with all the usual quirkiness, with the added spice of a bit of strange love and passion! This time the intrepid Detective Inspector Mike Malone is up against one of his most spiteful targets and crosses swords again with an old enemy…

image and words © copyright Dave Barker and Milly Reynolds 2012

Milly Reynolds’ eBooks Now on Smashwords!

Milly Reynolds’ quirky and quintessentially English crime series ebooks, featuring Detective Inspector Mike Malone, are at last starting to appear on Smashwords.
There are the first two on Smashwords currently, with the others soon to follow, including the two books featuring DI Jack Sallt, the ever-so-dangerous sleuth who is fond of the ladies!
There is also the one-off romantic novel, ‘The Unseen Sky’, which takes place in England and Venice.
There will be nine ebooks in total and others will follow soon.

*Find them here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MillyReynolds
All of these ebooks are already on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Milly Reynolds’ new book, ‘IOU’

With the wedding of his Detective Sergeant imminent, Detective Inspector Mike Malone finds that his life is very complicated. Firstly, he has to explain to his partner, Dr Fiona Davies, exactly what happened on Alan Shepherd’s stag-do and secondly, he has a series of brutal murders to solve. As the case develops, Mike Malone finds that, in this instance, a policeman’s lot is not a happy one.

This is the sixth novel in the popular Mike Malone series and once again you will find a mixture of tongue-in-cheek humour and blood as you travel with Mike Malone through his little Lincolnshire town.

buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/IOU-Mike-Malone-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B0095799B0/ref=sr_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1346779221&sr=1-10&keywords=milly+reynolds

Also on amazon.co.uk

© copyright David F. Barker 2012

Milly Reynolds’ New Book: ‘The Second Death of Dr Finck’

A new book by Crime Fiction writer, Milly Reynolds, is due out imminently on Kindle.
It is the second book in the Jack Sallt series, a detective based in Norfolk, England, who has a lot of rough edges, getting him into serious scrapes with enemies, colleagues and loved-ones alike:
Two men are found in a beached boat, one dead, one seriously injured, stretching the resources of an already underfunded police force.
Suspended detective inspector, Jack Sallt, is reluctantly rushed back on duty to face his most perplexing and dangerous case yet, where old foes move in the shadows, threatening violence, controlling him with sensual taunts.
In the tense climax, Jack has to face his relentless enemies head on, risking not only his own life but also those of his colleagues and loved ones.

© copyright Milly Reynolds 2012