Haiku: Beguiled

Photo by Kulbir on Pexels.com

Some other Eden’s
low hanging fruit; I’m beguiled
by such shiny things

Copyright Francis 2022


Unimagined Eden – A Poem — Suzette B’s Blog (Reblog)

When uncertainty pours life’s shattered beaker When normalcy, once was a friend; now a stranger And comfort’s companion; unsweetened comfiture. When building the temple of an expected future – Like jackhammering Herculean rock to Poseidon – Chisels invisible smoke into sculptures hidden. But – Blazing a new trail has never been, nor, ever is easy […]

Unimagined Eden – A Poem — Suzette B’s Blog



The thing that’s killing me
is that which first caught my ancestor’s eye.
Until then, I was content to roam the far horizon,

to be that quivering digit in the African plain,
strolling and musing, simply taking my time
when it didn’t matter; crouching at pools,

fishing for food, picking up things which lay around.
You could say it was like a kind of Eden,
for which I didn’t care or mistrust.

But then one day – I can’t recall exactly when –
something sparked, like a piece of flint in the sun;
sharp, fetching blood and an idea.

The rest you know in its outlines;
when the shaping of some tool
turned the wise one into a fool.

*Taken from poetry collection ‘anonymous lines’