Haiku: Worlds

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com A world in tattersWe are beginning right hereRemember this day Copyright Francis Barker 2022

‘Lost In A Lost World’ — Read the lyrics

https://youtu.be/GsUbmHeXZsc This is the opening track on The Moody Blues 1972 album, Seventh Sojourn. The song title, 'Lost in a Lost World' speaks for itself. If anything, the lyrics are more appropriate now than they were 49 years ago -- they are quite profound and prophetic, a very sad testimony to where we are now, … Continue reading ‘Lost In A Lost World’ — Read the lyrics

Haibun: Something Stirring

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com The spring song of a great tithalted my winter walk;the next day he was there again,marking out his territoryso early in the year.Then the incessant cooing of doveson our rimy roof,interrupting my morning ablutions.Though it's cold outsideand my heart is playing the bluesthere are signs, signs of something new,much more … Continue reading Haibun: Something Stirring

Our New Advent — A Sign of Hope (Advent)

The Nativity – Greg Olsen By Charlie Johnston The first Advent occupied hundreds of years as a groaning world awaited the appearance of the Messiah. When He came in a manger, few noticed it at all. When He began His ministry, the ruling class rejected Him as a dangerous fraud. Even those who believed in […]Our … Continue reading Our New Advent — A Sign of Hope (Advent)