‘And Then She Was Bad’ A Mike Malone Murder Mystery

When the naked body of a young man is found in a local beauty spot, Detective Inspector Mike Malone has two problems.

Firstly to find the young man’s identity and secondly to find out who murdered him. However, things are never simple and when Mike also discovers that one of his own is in trouble, he realises that an old adversary is once again playing him for a fool.

With Detective Alan Shepherd at his side, Mike follows the twists and turns of both cases, finding along the way that sometimes love and sex can be two sides of a very twisted coin.

This seventh novel in the series is once again a quirky trip into the town that Mike Malone has made his own and familiar faces pop up to make their voices heard.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020


‘A Happy Death Day To You’ Crime Fiction


This second novel in the Mike Malone series finds him once again in a fight against time.

The mysterious delivery of birthday cakes to farmyards seems to be just an innocent prank until the death of a farm favourite turns this game into something much more sinister.

Under Pressure

However, when the killer turns his attention from animals to women, Mike Malone realises that he is under pressure to solve the riddle of the nursery rhyme before more blood is spilt.

This second mystery, which is in the same light-hearted style as ‘The Woolly Murders’ is set once again in the Lincolnshire countryside and we meet several of the characters introduced in the first novel. We also find out a little more about Detective Inspector Mike Malone’s past.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020