Just Another Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just another day,
the second hand’s heavy, relentless tick
tells me to raise a fizzy glass,
toast these new beginnings
I’ve been yearning for, forever.
So here’s to you, all of us,
crossing this threshold of hope,
to witness a new dawn
when the bearer pours out his spirit,
that free flow of wisdom
hidden from the ages.

Copyright Francis 2021


Neptune and the ‘gift’ of uncertainty… — Writing from the Twelfth House (Reblog)

‘…The constant dance between form and formlessness, being and non-being, order and chaos, occurs in all epochs and at all levels. Humans have created a range of paradigms and metaphors, from ancient myths to modern cosmology, within which to explore this dialectic. Our ancient Babylonian forebears envisaged the beginning of the world as a battle […]

Neptune and the ‘gift’ of uncertainty… — Writing from the Twelfth House

Musings on Comet Neowise — The Classical Astrologer

I employ the title of this piece advisedly. It consists of musings, a simple series of notes and observations on an extraordinary event. This is the brightest and most significant comet in 25 years. At that time, Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp discovered Comet Hale–Bopp separately on July 23, 1995, before it became visible to […]

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