Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

everlasting great spirit,
eden descends from the sky,
emigrants meek and righteous,
equality’s fantasy
ending discrimination;
evacuation no more —
evil routed through the stars

Copyright Francis 2020

*dVerse poetics

15 thoughts on “Epsilon

  1. Epsilon is a great word for a title, Francis, being not only a Greek letter but also a small quantity, almost zero, which you’ve juxtaposed with the ‘everlasting great spirit’ in the first line. I’m afraid that as long as humans rule, with their many faults, equality will remain a fantasy, even when they all evacuate the earth and head for the stars.

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  2. Thanks Kim. Yes, you are right, of course. Equality, at least as I see it, is actually freedom of opportunity — something else which is also elusive. If I may say so, with my own work in astrology (as opposed to materialistic astronomy), the ‘signs’ are indicating we are entering a new era with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius, exact on December 21 this year, the winter solstice! For nearly the next 200 years this conjunction will occur in air signs, as opposed to earth over the last 2 centuries of materialistic culture. The last time this conjunction migrated into air was in the early 13th century, auguring in what we now call the Renaissance. Maybe it truly is the start of the long awaited Aquarian age? Sorry, but I digress! Best wishes.

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  3. I’m reading this on Thanksgiving morning…..perfect poem for that. There is a hopefulness here….and yes, when we look to the starry night, that sparkle seems to say all will be alright.

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