Poem: ‘The Painter’

The Painter

Climbing the dune,
wind heavy in our faces.
We squint (or do we smile?),
our laughs and quips
diffuse in the air.

Young legs carry you
ahead to the summit,
where tufts of green cling
to an existence. Then you’re
a sudden lithe silhouette

against a racing sky.
I revel in your victory;
your gentle hand hauls me
up close to ocean eyes,
an elfin smile, teeth

pristine like breakers
on the distant, crashing
shore, that white noise
filling our ears.
To look into you

is to look as men
have done for centuries.
Unchanging heart,
you’re the pearl left
nestling in filth.

So take a look –
can anyone steal time?
An hour here or there,
we leave our footprints,
no foothold anywhere.

I am the painter of this shore –
you are the model.
Again and again,
we return to wrestle
in familiar hues;

deep alizarin crimson,
yellow ochre, phthalo blue,
making it real. Stay in this
moment, we bless and bless.
It has to be you.

© copyright David Francis Barker

* Taken from the collection ‘Anonymous Lines’

The illustration is from a larger painting of a scene overlooking the North Sea, from sand dunes at Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk, England.


Changes to website. Prices updated – make an offer!

I have finally put prices on those items featured in ‘current original art’ section. These prices are guidelines only and the painter is more than willing to listen to offers from potential buyers.
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Wells Next The Sea, Morning Colour

Image ©Copyright Francis Barker

The North Norfolk coast is one of my favourite subjects, as it is for many artists, both now and in the past. The harbour at Wells is a particular favourite, especially early morning, or late at night. Misty conditions are equally atmospheric.

This painting has been completed in acrylic on stretched canvas, about 605 x 455 mm. If you are interested in buying the painting, please contact me on francisbarkerart@gmail.com