Cézanne: ‘The Father of Modern Art’ — msamba (Reblog)

Paul Cézanne is perhaps one of the best-loved painters of Western art. Yet the popularity of his still life and landscape works has perhaps tamed the radicality of his vision in our own eyes. It is easy to forget that these seemingly traditional 19th century Post-Impressionist paintings caused ‘a landslide in art’. Jacky Klein explains […]

Cézanne: ‘The Father of Modern Art’ — msamba

***The rock and quarry paintings.

Astrology Bites: Paul Cezanne’s 5th House

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The 5th house in astrology is the mundane equivalent of the sign of Leo.

It’s all about creativity, games, sports, children, and art.

The highly regarded French post impressionist painter, Paul Cezanne, had an interesting 5th house.

He has a Moon Uranus conjunction in Pisces, semi sextile (30 degree aspect) Neptune.

First Post Impressionist

Cezanne today is regarded by many as the first post impressionist. He struggled to find a new style and is thought to have inspired Picasso’s cubism.

I have had a life long love of Cezanne, his endless series of paintings featuring the bathers in geometric patterns, the equally endless series on the subject of Mont Sainte-Victoire in his home patch of Provence.

Breaking the Rules

Cezanne, though he did find it a struggle, developed a totally unique, inspired style of painting, breaking the rules.

To me, all this is very indicative of his dreamy, inspired and sensitive Piscean Moon conjunct rule breaking Uranus in the 5th house of creativity. I think he was compelled subconsciously (Pisces) to do it.

The presence of the Moon’s north node in this house too, suggests that he did follow the right course in his life, that of creativity, as opposed to heeding his father’s wishes to follow him in to the tedious world of finance and its social milieu.

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