Small Beginnings — Long Gestation

I have restarted my Etsy shop, which I’ve had since 2011.

There’s not too much in it at the moment. I intend to concentrate solely on digital downloads, affordable simple art and photographs. I used to put my finished artwork on there but with little success. Maybe they were overpriced.

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

The Holiday Season is Over, but Autumn is Here

Some selected photographs from Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

All photographs copyright Francis Barker 2020.

Haiku: Reflection on Peace

water peace
Haiku and photo copyright Francis Barker 2020

Haiku: Thursday’s Child

Untitled-1 (6)
Photo by Simon English

Haiku copyright Francis Barker 2020.

Halmtorvet, Vesterbro — Life in Copenhagen (Reblog)

I’m back with another Vesterbro post 🙂 This time I’ll share some images from Halmtorvet, which is adjacent to Istedgade. You’ll see below it’s got much more of a chill and relaxed atmosphere compared to Istedgade. It’s actually the first big street I walked on when I arrived in Copenhagen, thanks to its vicinity to […]

via Halmtorvet, Vesterbro — Life in Copenhagen

Cats and Coffee – In Lincoln

Prague City Centre, Czechia 2019

Photo copyright 2019

Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czechia 2019

Photo copyright Francis Barker 2019

Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czechia

Photo copyright Francis Barker 2019

Prague, Czechia (Czech Republic) 2019

Photo copyright Francis Barker 2019

Prague, Czech Republic (Czechia) 2019

Photo copyright Francis Barker 2019