Tanka: Media Dispelled!

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I am still breathing
The sun still rises each day
I am sovereign;
There’s nothing between nature
and me – media dispelled!

Copyright Francis 2022

What Can We Expect in January? Oh My! Surely Not Good News..?

I recently did an overall ‘luminary spread’ for the year 2022 and it looked more positive.

So what can we expect in January? I asked the cards that question. For this reading I used the the rather lovely Soprafino deck.

In the Sun centre position I drew The Chariot. It would appear that we can expect some changes, sudden, fast moving events which may shock many. This card is number 7 in the major arcana and so any such changes ought to be quite significant and meaningful, hopefully progress towards freeing up the world.

You Can’t Take My Freedom?

The Moon card position to the top left was the 3 of Wands, corresponding to the last decanate of Aries ruled by Jupiter. I think we should see events that will lighten our hearts a little, allow us to breathe and to smile and make us feel more like human beings once again within our family circle and emotionally.

The Mars card to the top right was the 4 of Cups, which relates to the first decanate of Scorpio ruled by Mars. I think we can begin to feel more self assured about what to do in our lives. We have taken a lot over the last two years, now is the time to move forward steadfastly, secure in the knowledge that we are indeed sovereign.

Get Out And About

The Mercury card at the top is The Sun. This is card 19 of the Major Arcana which adds up to 1. Anything to do with communication, short journeys, our siblings and local environment look well starred this month. We ought to be looking at new and innovative ways of communicating, as well as reaching out to others in more traditional ways.

The Jupiter card at the bottom is the Ace of Wands, which is the 1st decanate of Aries ruled by Mars. To me this suggests that travel will truly begin to open up during this month. We should also see renewal and changes in religion, the justice system and philosophy of all kinds. The overall sense of positivity should grow in our lives.

Financial Changes?

The Venus card at the bottom left was the 2 of Coins, which is the 2nd decanate of Capricorn ruled by Venus. To add to the general feeling of posivity, I think we should all begin to feel a little more secure in our lives, that we can plan ahead and look forward to feeling good about ourselves. We may also see some significant change or split in the financial situation, yet even this would appear to be largely beneficial.

And finally we have the Saturn card at the bottom right, where we have the 9 of Swords. Now in the Rider Waite decks we all know about the upsetting imagery of this card, when really all it represents is some final attainment to do with our minds, communication or perhaps the media. The 9 of Swords is the last decanate of Gemini, ruled by Saturn. To me this suggests the culmination of something that has been worked towards in regard to the media, for some time. Are we to expect some rather significant announcements to underline the overall sense of change and renewal this month?

Of course I might be wrong, but let’s hope that January 2022 will not just be another depressive, frustrating month.

*Copyright Terrence 2021

What Does 2022 Hold – A Much Better Year? Tarot Luminary Spread

Let’s be honest, 2020 and 2021 have hardly been great years, have they? We need to look forward to something better in 2022, surely. So I asked the cards about the coming year, using my Luminary spread.

The first card I drew was the centre, or Sun card, which was the 2 of wands, and which I associate with the second decanate of Aries ruled by the Sun.

Overall I think 2022 will be a year of important decisions for us all and the key will be to make that choice. Anything decided next year will have a long term effect on the world and ourselves as individuals. I think we will have to decide what truly is central or fundamental in our lives.

The second card to the top left is the Moon card; here I drew the Star, number 17 of the major arcana. The Moon is our home, emotions, feelings, family relationships and the Star is very positive here. I think we will all be generally concentrating more on our feelings, our family and relationships, appreciating them and getting more out of what is already surrounding us at home and to hand.

Card 3 is the Mars card and here I drew The Fool. Mars represents our actions, what we must do. With this I think we should be encouraged to do something new and rather different, to start new projects and to do those things we may have been putting off for too long. Let’s get creative.

Card 4 at the top is the Mercury card, representing our minds, siblings, local environment, travel and the media. The Queen of Wands here, which I correspond to Sagittarius, suggests to me that the restrictions that have been put on us in regard to travel and associations with those around us will certainly lift through this year. This card is more of free spirit and highly positive. We should also see big changes in the way the news media works.

At the bottom is the Jupiter card, which is to do with our philosophy, religion, long distance travel. Here we have one of my favourite cards, the King of Swords, whom I associate with Aquarius. This card is assured in what he knows, works swiftly, yet with justice. I think long distance travel restrictions will go along with the more local ones. This will also be an important year spiritually, during which we see something of the beginning of a revival in traditional religious belief and philosophy.

The Venus card is at the bottom left position and here there is the Knight of Swords, which I view as Libra. Venus in astrology shows how we relate in general, and how our sense of worth is pitched. I think we will all be reassessing what is most valuable to us, and I think relationships will come right at the very top. After two years of suffering, we need not be surprised by this!

The final card is the Saturn card at the bottom right position. Here I drew the Four of Coins, or the first decanate of Taurus ruled by Venus. The Saturn position is to do with outcomes, practicalites and limitations. The Four of Coins here suggests that in financial and security terms, 2022 will be a much better year, certainly much better than we might be expecting right now. By the year’s end we may all, in general, be feeling much more secure and looking forward to a future that promises greater abundance.

*Copyright Terrence 2021

The Upcoming Age of Air — Embrace Positive Change

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On December 17 2020 Saturn leaves one sign of his rulership and enters the other — Aquarius.

On December 19 Jupiter also enters the Waterbearer, where the two conjoin exactly in 0 degrees Aquarius on December 21, the day of the winter solstice. The two are already effectively within orbs of a conjunction in the latter degrees of Capricorn.

The symbolism could not be more emphatic, in my opinion. This is the true date of the Great Migration, where the Grand Conjunction, which occurs every 19.6 years, moves into another element, on this occasion from earth into air.

Threshold of the Age of Air

This, I contend, is the threshold of the Age of Air, where gross materialism will finally be let go. For two hundred years humanity has been led blindly from one disaster to another, in an almost endless sequence of war and revolution. Whilst there has seemingly been an improvement in certain material conditions and a great growth in our population, we have never been more misled, or confused.

Aquarius and air signs in general (Libra, Gemini), represent thought, the mind, communication, relationships and equity. There will develop a lightening of our civilisation, away from materialism and more towards the merging of science and spirituality, which were always effectively the same discipline.

The Great Migration

The last time this Great Migration occurred in the early 13th century, that is moving from the earth element into air, we had developments like the Magna Carta (1215) and the birth of great men and philosophers, such as Thomas Aquinas and Roger Bacon. According to the extant records, the 13th and 14th centuries represent the gestation of what we now call the Renaissance.

Whilst there were naturally many negative aspects, it was generally a time of cultural flowering, more openness, experimentation; yet it was also a highly spiritual age. Life was far from perfect, of course, yet our understanding of the past is not always accurate. We are victims of thinking that everything in the past has to be less advanced than our own times. This is not true.

One Step Back — Two Forward

So the way I see it, the first twenty years of this new Age of Air, influenced by the fixed air sign of Aquarius, will be a time of making new foundations in philosophy, science and spirituality. There will be new modes of governing ourselves; in fact, the concept of government is about to change fundamentally.

Whilst we will begin to slowly free ourselves from the previous grossly materialistic culture, we will also start to harken back to previous ages and realise that much wisdom has been foolishly and forcibly removed from our civilisation. We must go one step back to go two forward, so to speak.

The Birth and Death of Kings

This change, I believe, is inevitable. Traditionally, the Great Conjunction every twenty years represents the ‘birth and death of kings’. The migration into another element strongly indicates deeper, more fundamental change, spiritually and structurally.

It will not be easy, of course, but it is absolutely necessary for our long term well-being, culturally and spiritually. We shall be able to look forward towards freedom, whilst working within certain eternal, fundamental spiritual realities which cannot be ignored.

Let us embrace this change — it is, after all, ‘written in the stars’ of our Creator.

Copyright Francis 2020