The Spinner

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A web clings
with limpid fragility
to the fractured sapling,
timorous in air’s breath,
long left by the spinner
of autumn’s lair

Copyright Francis 2021


Verse of the Day

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“For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth under the whole heaven;”

Job 28, verse 24

Today I opened the bible randomly and pointed at this verse.

What does this verse suggest about the nature of our universe? These words and many others like this, were once truly believed.

Considering the state of our ‘civilisation’, is our supposed enlightenment benefitting us?

Copyright Francis 2021

“Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse. — Lucy’s Works (Reblog)

the oscillation from Apollo’s lips bury me, this womb of glass seas, relief—a meronym of death’s faces the last dream…

“Oscillation” Poem Published in Visual Verse. — Lucy’s Works

The value of poetry is underrated in most cultures…

If you have the time, a poem for you…

A Picture of You

you cupping daffodils in sacred space,
me entranced by you in your sacred space

now I’m dreaming of spring, of light, of warmth,
a new life together, in sacred space

we returning birds in hope of new life,
preparing for bliss in still, sacred space

what peace there may be, let’s find together;
a lotus where birds wash, their sacred space

a garden where someone talks to the birds,
gently asking, we share his sacred space

© copyright David Francis Barker 2011