Haiku: Heart of Dreams

Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com My heart in the wood,dreaming of a peerless skywhile a pine cone falls Copyright Francis 2021

Poem: ‘England’s Glory’

He taps the roll up on his weathered seat, strikes the match towards him as an old man should, a box of 'England's Glory' and tobacco bag thrown at me, as if they weren't all his worldly goods. "No thanks, I don't." He shrugs as if it's my loss, cups the yellow light with the … Continue reading Poem: ‘England’s Glory’

Keeping My Faith

My Faith Mercury - in all its parlour beauty. Note the lovely rosewood binding. I've had my Faith Mercury parlour guitar for nearly four years now. I remember that it wasn't a very easy purchase. So OK, let me explain. I love electric guitars too; I'd had my American Stratocaster for number of years but … Continue reading Keeping My Faith

Poem ‘Molehill’

Molehill Scafell Pike was a few miles distant. Not visible. But this was England's highest point. "A molehill!" he said, while we sat laughing at each other from our tatty old sleeping bags. You should have met my Swedish friend, a cabinet maker resident somewhere in Switzerland, accustomed to real mountains and the exuberant air. … Continue reading Poem ‘Molehill’