restless art

art which is restless

Ordinary Thinking

Poised, Dorje smiled at her:

“Try to think of today as
a beginning, full of possibility.

Each day springs
afresh, like you, from
the uncreated centre, your only

And your shoelace
is undone”

copyright David Barker 2014

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I took the train to Brighton, a poem
in the making, my clickety-clack ride
without hope or expectation,
wearing the loose pink jumper you knitted me -
how could I know how fitting it was.
O embarrassment! you still tail me
like a shadow today.

Sheffield was pointless, wasn’t it? Not
steel at all, a degree for me in the grim
North as likely as a bad mood in Paris. So
there I was, pavilioned, special
only in my own mind, a body
of art I was sure they’d understand, the astro
chart in acrylic.
On plastic.

It bombed.

Thirty six years are nothing. I listen to disco,
rave at punk, blush so easily
I want to hide,
subsume my self in primeval guilt, much
less a human being, still
less the man you denied me being

© David Barker 2014

Milly Reynolds Crime Fiction Author – Happy Saint George’s Day


English crime fiction author, Milly Reynolds celebrates England’s national day, which, rather conveniently also happens to be Shakespeare’s birthday.
Milly’s books simply could not be more English!
So, to anyone who thinks about England, has English roots, or who would like to recognise the positive side of this small country, which has contributed so much to the world – have a great day!

© copyright David F. Barker 2013


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