Flanders 4 Italy 3!

Well, unlikely scoreline, perhaps, especially as Flanders isn’t ‘officially’ a country but in the Renaissance stakes, as in who were the greatest in terms of painting and artistic influence, well, maybe Flanders just edges it. Not that I could emulate either as my style owes far more to more recent trends in art, like impressionism. Take a look, won’t you?

One thought on “Flanders 4 Italy 3!

  1. Early Renaissance? There is a book, maybe you have read, 12 essay’s on Monet’s Bar Maid in the Mirror, I can’t think of the title. It is hard to separate for me writing and seeing. The reason this book popped into my head, is because of the analysis of mystic that painting brought into question. I do see early renaissance similarities, impressionism,or post –the distance, changing of landscape, and the toning inward of the palette. I FEEL a hearkening back. Also a disfigurement. (not a generalness) in the sense that landscape literally or figuratively has or is being abandoned…. but pointed out.The flicker affect,of color combining, unfortunately, I am not in front of the work. It does seem dusty and erased which reminds me of mirrors, and question of realness.


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