The Magical and Mysterious Number 7

Lincolnshire Places and People

Lincolnshire people are indeed unique - I should know, being one of them! I sometimes think we do suffer from being 'in-betweenies', that is neither northern or southern. Well, the simple answer to that is that we are East Midlanders, of course. I certainly don't mind being called a 'yellowbelly' and, in all honesty, my … Continue reading Lincolnshire Places and People

Poem: The Empty Naves

The voice and song remind me of why I don't come. The words and the platitudes wash over me, echo and reverberate around this sacred space, crying for heaven though never finding any home. The bats are nearer but unaware of their advantage, leaving me staring high into this perpendicular sky. Is this all that … Continue reading Poem: The Empty Naves

England’s Heritage, Peterborough Cathedral Part III – Some special features

Most interestingly, there is a shrine to three old English (Anglo-Saxon) saints, Kyneburgha, Kyneswitha (spelling varies) and Tibba, unusual but fascinating names of a largely forgotten era.

England’s Heritage, Peterborough Cathedral Part II – Two Famous Queens

The cathedral is also notable for its association with two famous queens. The first was Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England when she was married to Henry VIII. Catherine was buried here in 1536 and her tomb is still something of a shrine to her memory, with pomegranates very prominent as her symbol because the fruit appears on her badge. Pomegranates are an ancient symbol for fecundity and regeneration.

England’s Heritage: Peterborough Cathedral Part 1

Put simply, Peterborough Cathedral is one England's best churches, though it is often not as well regarded as some others, like Lincoln, Ely and York. This might be due in part to Lincoln's prominent setting, Ely's architectural distinctiveness and York's admitted supreme grandeur.

England’s Heritage: Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, Peterborough

Of course, the city of Peterborough's greatest glory is its amazing cathedral, but that subject deserves a full article of its own. One of the overlooked features of Peterborough, a growing city in the east of England, is the Parish church of Saint John the Baptist around the cathedral square.

Poem: The Church Is Closed

It's Sunday and the west door is locked. I've tried it, checked my watch, the date. Yes it's true, I can't go inside. So I walk around, a facade, that's all it is, tall and beautiful it may be, with some of the finest medieval stone work anywhere, in a county already noted for its ecclesiastical … Continue reading Poem: The Church Is Closed