When a joke about the moon hoax is taken too seriously — Matthew Wright

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There’s an old joke about the Moon landing hoax conspiracy. You know: “Sure it was a hoax, but they got Stanley Kubrick to direct and he insisted that they had to be on location.” I thought everybody knew that one. It’s an oldie but a goodie that suitably lampoons the lunatic fringe who imagine the […]

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On This Day 218 BC: Hannibal Routs the Romans at Trebia

temple of hercules at the amman citadel jabal al qal a
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The first serious encounter of the Second Punic War ended in a decisive victory for Hannibal and his Carthaginian army at Trebia in northern Italy in 218 BC. Whilst the Carthaginian losses were relatively few, the Romans sustained massive casualties, quite possibly losing up to three quarters of their 40,000 strong army.

Although Hannibal was to ultimately fail in defeating the Romans in the long term, he came very close to succeeding. The Punic Wars were all about who controlled the Mediterranean and beyond. In the early years the Carthaginians were masters of the region, with settlements in Sicily and Spain, as well as their burgeoning homeland in north Africa.

When Rome began to flex its muscles and seriously rival the Carthaginians during the third century BC, war was inevitable. Hannibal famously took the war to the Romans with an incredible invasion with a massive elephant led army through the Alps and into Italy, an audacious attempt to finish off the Romans once and for all. It nearly came off – but not quite.

Eventually, as the Romans later got the upper hand, they were to literally wipe Carthage off the map in one of the most heinous acts of revenge ever seen.

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On This Day 1903 – The Wright Brothers Lift Off in Kitty Hawk

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It had to happen somewhere but a place near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina was the setting for mankind’s first powered aircraft flight.

The brothers Wright, namely Orville and Wilbur, were originally from Dayton, Ohio, naming their flying machine ‘Wright Flyer’. It was effectively the first powered flight of an aircraft, ushering in the aeronautic age which has completely transformed our culture.

The true genius of the Wright brothers was their practical invention of proper controls for a fixed wing aircraft, allowing it to take off, maneuver in the air and land safely for the first time, all of which came to full fruition with their ‘Wright Flyer III’ a couple of years later.

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