Poem: Perennial Busker

man playing red and white electric guitar
Photo by Sofia Báthory on Pexels.com

Give me your roll up
your beaten up guitar
and I’ll even feed your dog

I’ll sing you a few songs
of tragedy, of lost love
and revolution never won

I know a few chords
and I can bash out some tunes
I scream with the best of them

Just don’t think to monopolise
this tale of hard time
it comes naturally to me

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019

Haiku: America 2

america arid bushes california
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Steely Dan, Eagles
Doobie Bros and Little Feat.
But Joni’s the one

copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019


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English Churches: Bardney, Lincolnshire

A celebration in pictures of the glory of English ecclesiastical heritage.

There are very strong connections to the Royal Air Force in Lincolnshire, Bardney being no exception.
There are some very old, fascinating features in the church of Saint Lawrence.


There’s a display of some of the stone from the former abbey at Bardney.


copyright Leofwine Tanner 2019