Predictions (not Prophecies) for 2021! — (Reblog)

This weeks Christian Today column    The ‘prophets’ who gave us a ‘word from the Lord’ that Donald Trump was certainly going to be re-elected should be thankful that we no longer live in the theocratic State of Israel and that they are not subject to the command of being put to death for false […]

Predictions (not Prophecies) for 2021! —

2020: A Year in Books — The Book Lovers’ Sanctuary (Reblog)

It has been a hell of a year, 2020! Nationally we have seen pandemics and lockdowns, panic buying and food shortages – not to mention Brexit – and we have grappled with tiers, bubbles and Zoom chic. On top of that, personally, I have said farewell to my grandmother and my stepson (barely) survived a […]

2020: A Year in Books — The Book Lovers’ Sanctuary

The January Diet — Heather Sherwood Fitness (Reblog)

January is when traditionally people go on ‘a diet’. The word ‘Diet’ conjures up images of restriction, lettuce leaves, starving, no chocolate, cakes or sweets, cutting out carbs, cutting out fat … the list goes on. What ‘Diet’ actually means is the sum of food consumed by a person – what we actually put in […]

The January Diet — Heather Sherwood Fitness