Haiku: Staring

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

Staring at four walls
The light remains eternal
Read between the lines

Copyright Francis 2021

Poem: Pivoting

Photo by Herman. io on Pexels.com

We ran and ran
laughing headlong into the wind
which swept along the shore,
our arms held out like useless wings,
cheeks flushing with life and youth.

When we stopped
we could see where we’d been,
catching our breath
as the waves washed over our feet.
You held me and squeezed, your eyes
the colour of oceans
cool amid those blushing cheeks.

If moments are captured
and etched upon memory,
this was one such point in time
pivoting on eternity

Copyright Francis Barker 2020

Christianity – Doors to Eternity


At times you can almost see the individuals, a bit like ghosts, who would once regularly use this door.

How would the local accent have sounded then, say in 1500? Would I have understood them? More to the point, would they understand me? I doubt it, but I have a liking for old church doors.

This north facing example bears all the marks of being very old, probably late medieval, but I could be wrong. Look

at the tracery… perpendicular style?

Days of Innocence and Eternity


Summer is not far away, fickle though it may be in England’s northerly reaches.

To us as children the good days were glorious; down at the beach the sun was our friend, the sea and sand our playmates through the days which would last forever. Eternity was within our reach – then.

In reality nothing much has changed, only our perception of reality.


paintings by Francis Barker