January 19, 1524 — Today’s Luther (Reblog)

Martin Luther writes to Lambert Thorn, an Augustinian monk, in the Netherlands. Thorn (or von Thorn) was probably the third of the trio of Augustinians who had been arrested at Antwerp and tried for heresy. The other two, Heinrich Voes (or Vos) and Johann Esch (or van den Esschen), had been burned at Brussels. Thorn […]January … Continue reading January 19, 1524 — Today’s Luther (Reblog)

Poem From A Picture: ‘Doorways’

Doorways to nowhere, ghosts whisper from parallel worlds where alternate timelines run, better worlds than our own. copyright Francis Barker 2020

Today is Reformation Day

In the largely secular world of 'Western' society today, Halloween has become a huge and ever growing event each year. So much so that the other significant anniversary of October 31, namely Reformation Day, is often forgotten, or ignored by many. Today marks 502 years since the German monk, Martin Luther, one of the prime … Continue reading Today is Reformation Day

England’s Heritage in Photos: Corby Glen Church, Lincolnshire – Medieval Wall Paintings

One such is in the south west of the county, in the lovely village of Corby Glen. Here on many of the walls of the church you can see paintings and illustrations of religious and spiritual imagery, representing stories from the Bible and the faith and beliefs in general of the later medieval period.

England’s Heritage, Peterborough Cathedral Part II – Two Famous Queens

The cathedral is also notable for its association with two famous queens.

The first was Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England when she was married to Henry VIII. Catherine was buried here in 1536 and her tomb is still something of a shrine to her memory, with pomegranates very prominent as her symbol because the fruit appears on her badge. Pomegranates are an ancient symbol for fecundity and regeneration.

England’s Heritage: Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, Peterborough

Of course, the city of Peterborough's greatest glory is its amazing cathedral, but that subject deserves a full article of its own.
One of the overlooked features of Peterborough, a growing city in the east of England, is the Parish church of Saint John the Baptist around the cathedral square.

Poem: Pomegranates

They smile when I shut the heavy, creaking door, from behind their neat wooden kiosks stuffed with pamphlets and insipid books. Smiles of recognition, a nodding acceptance as if to say - 'Oh, it's you!' Volunteer women serving Christ better than those above them in Church. I walk along the emphatic southern aisle under uber-Norman … Continue reading Poem: Pomegranates

Queen ‘Bloody Mary’, A Short but Infamous Reign – Astrology Musings

Queen Mary the First of England, popularly known as 'Bloody Mary', because of the great numbers of Protestants she had executed by burning at the stake, is one the country's most notorious monarchs.

King Henry VIII – Tyrant? Astrology Musings

Anyone brought up in Great Britain, or in fact anywhere in the world, is probably familiar with the character and the life of King Henry VIII, probably England's most famous and notorious sovereign - he of the six spouses. Does his birth chart reflect this personality and what else might it reveal? Henry had the … Continue reading King Henry VIII – Tyrant? Astrology Musings

Christopher Marlowe, died this day, 1593

The man who many see as the forerunner to playwright William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, died on this day (May 30) 1593, in Deptford, London. Marlowe was born in Canterbury, Kent, England, sometime in mid to late February 1564. There is an extant record showing that he was baptised on February 26 of that year. In … Continue reading Christopher Marlowe, died this day, 1593

Celebration of Lincolnshire Churches 2019 – Bardney, Part 1

We recently visited the West Lindsey Churches Festival. One of the most interesting was Bardney's Church of Saint Lawrence. The church is impressive with a large nave, indicative of this settlement's once important though now long dissolved abbey. As in all the churches in West Lindsey, there were stalls with items for sale, as well … Continue reading Celebration of Lincolnshire Churches 2019 – Bardney, Part 1