Poem: Ether

Photo by eHeritage on Pexels.com
Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

Our Father lives in the charged ether,
above and all around us
in splendid symmetry,
the source of life and love and healing.
The fabulous towers, the spires
and flowering tracery of organic design,
were all conceived and built by better men than us
in an age of gold.
These, the natural avenues of life
in which our ancestors sat, goodness drawn down
into those cleansing naves
where the deep organ soothed,
where we took the true medicine, giving thanks,
not to some mystery or intangible presence,
but the reality of His environment, His conduit,
His soft conversation with us
which we have – nearly all of us –
forgotten, our memory blighted, expunged,
erased, while we plod obliviously
around the stark bare stones and ruined choirs
in awe of a shell, without ever seeing the whole,
the rich truth of the past
and future’s promise
in this penurious present.

Copyright Francis 2022


Jupiter into Pisces: Welcome Home – And Get Ready!

Photo by Miles Hardacre on Pexels.com

Recently, on December 29 2021, Jupiter finally entered Pisces, its own sign. Jupiter is not exactly badly placed in Aquarius, but perhaps can be a little too ‘holier than thou’ at times. I think there’s been a bit too much of that in 2021. In Pisces, the natural generosity of Jove exudes compassion and largesse.

So what does the ‘giant planet’s’ entry into the Fishes mean for us all? Well for Pisceans especially, it may finally feel like coming home, to a place where you can relax and breathe. Psychologically, we should all begin to feel a little happier; things should start to fall into place a little easier – and this may also be true for the world until May 11, when rapid Jupiter enters Aries until the end of October, auguring in a completely new phase for us all.

Make the Most of it

Therefore it is important, I think, to make the most of the period from January to early May. The world will finally feel a little easier to live in. There might even be a resurgence in the practise of traditional religions, especially Christianity, a feeling that we need to dig deeper to get the best and most meaningful sense of what it means to be alive. It will be a good time for introspection, to meditate, to start that yoga class too.

It won’t be until late October that retrograde Jupiter moves back into Pisces, but only for a couple of months. So any work and healing in regard to your subconscious mind, or deep seated psychological problems, should really be completed by early May. Make the most of it, before Jupiter’s entry into Aries truly restarts the world.

Copyright Francis 2022

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the fierce determination and clarity of the third chakra — It’s Crow Time

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