Haiku: No Sleep

Photo by Zeeshaan Shabbir on Pexels.com

A sleepless night, wind
and rain battering windows —
a haiku appears

Copyright Francis 2021


MEMORIES INSPIRE — Zoolon Audio (Reblog)

For you I’d write a new songMemories of you, they still inspireI’d wrap it up in harmonyGet it delivered by a classical choir For you I’ll set the world on fireAnd given half a chanceWatch you rip the fancy wrappingAnd through the storm clouds watch you dance I walked for miles across the sand dunesThinking […]


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Poem: Inspired

brown and black cut away acoustic guitar
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

In the silence of the room
a ghost may move without creaking floorboard,
or sensing the age and smell of old oak.
Partly open curtains let in the meagre light,
just enough to see the sway of trees
and the flitting birds busy in their day.
I envy them, free of conscience,
moved merely by instinct:
to stand still is to die.
And I envy the ghost,
who can glide through solid walls;
it is not trapped in time.
Only I am inspired to press pen on paper
and strum away, come what may.
And am I the lucky one.

copyright Francis Barker 2019